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    CEdit to CString to String

    I'm trying to convert a variables entered in as a CEdit to a CString, doing some standard error checking, then later to a string to pass to another api. Does anyone know the functions to do this?

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    Have you tried MSDN? Looks like the GetLine member might help, but it doesn't take a CString. You might have to allocate a regular character buffer and construct a CString off that...
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    I'm trying to basically just get the input down to a string to throw into a networking api.
    I know how to convert a CString to a String:

    CString cs("Hello");
    std::string s((LPCTSTR)cs);
    but this CEdit box is killing me.

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    Wow that was stupid I totally missed the question...

    Yeah you use GetDlgItemText( CString, Control ID )

    Sorry that was a totally unhelpful answer before...
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    GetDlgItemText() takes a CString.



    CEdit SomeEdit;
    CString String;

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