Thread: storing integer values in files using WriteFile

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    storing integer values in files using WriteFile

    for my latest project, i need to store coordinate data inputted from the user into a file using WriteFile. However, when i try to cast the numbers to characters/string (as they need to be for file storage), it won't work and neither will the program. please help!
    pardon the double post. My browser didn't react quickly for DSL and i thought i didn't click the button properly

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    It would have been better to see your code first, but how about this:
    int num = 0xABCDEFFF;
    //or if you're using C++ you might prefer C++-style cast
    That should work unless you want to be able to read what the number is if you open it as plain text. In that case, you'd need to convert the number to a string first (see the faq)
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