Thread: negative numbers in a edit box

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    negative numbers in a edit box

    I have a edit box in a modal dialog box. It needs to accept negative numbers tho it wont let you use the " - " key. How can I reverse this behaviour? also if I want it to keep the number negative if it is to begin with what should I set bsigned to?(TRUE or FALSE?)

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    Well I dunno if there's a simpler way, but you'd just have to take off the option for making it a number-only boxy (it slips my mind what it is...ES_NUMBER?) then every time the stuff in the edit box changes, parse what comes through to make sure it's not anything but '-' or '.' like...
          if(isdigit(buff[x]) || buff[x] == '-' || buff[x] == '.')
                 continue; //keep going, this one's OK.
                  buff[x] = ' ';
                  SetWindowText(hEdit, buff); //or SetDlgItemText()
                  //you could put a break here, becuase anything else should have been flushed out already

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    Using SetDlgItemInt() and need signed, set bSigned=TRUE;
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