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    I’m trying to tie a MFC GIU into Networking API, the samples for the API (console applications) compiles fine after the conversion to Visual C++ 2005 outside of a couple of warnings, but when I create a MFC dialog box, I haven’t even created any buttons or added event handlers to what was generated by default, and start include the of the headers files with the stock trading classes I get all these errors “XXXX : cannot convert parameter 1 from ‘const char *’ or ‘const char [106]’ to ‘LPCWSTR’? What does this mean, I haven’t changed any of the networking api code that would compile in the samples?

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    Sounds like your new project has UNICODE defined. You can either undefine UNICODE, or learn how to use unicode in your application. I prefer the second way since it allows your application to work for more than one language.

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    How can I undefine unicode?

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    First of all, I suggest you start supporting unicode.

    Second of all, if you're really bent on undefining Unicode this is how! Look in your project settings for a value called "Character set." There should be three options: "not set", "use unicode", "use multibyte." To switch to the ASCII character set (and effectively disable Unicode), set it to "not set"
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