Thread: is win good enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tronic
    If I were you, I would stay far, far away from DirectX. This isn't one of those "DirectX sucks" opinions at all, it's just really not the easiest API to learn.

    OpenGL will create your game with ease, and it will be a hell of alot easier to program in than DirectX. OpenGL's function and variable naming schemes are compact, consistent, and understandable. Compared to DirectX, OpenGL is alot easier to learn and understand from the start.

    The learning curve for DirectX is just a bit steeper than with OpenGL. DirectX is a very powerful API, but the features you'll be using in your game will be much easier to program with the OpenGL API.

    i take this as offensive, i cant do DDraw but you can do 2D with Direct3D, DirectX is not hard to learn !!!!! i had an easier time learning DirectX than OpenGL (i started OpenGL first, got till texture mapping and gacve up, started dx, re-started OGL) i do both now. but yes for a 2D game i reccomend OpenGL for 3D oin windows i reccomend DirectX
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syneris
    you must be sarcastic or stupid.
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