Thread: writing a wave file from my wave samples

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    writing a wave file from my wave samples

    Say I have a big list of wave samples, can I write those wave samples to a wave file? If possible, how?

    Thanks, August.

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    yes. open sample1.wav store data in array. go through all sample files. rewrite new wave file with all data.
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    From how I'm understanding this you basically want to append wave files together. I'm not sure that the functions provided by kryptkat will be any use - I think they're only good for playing, not interpreting wave files.

    But you do need to read the files in and out. I'd recommend going to Wotsit's and reading up on the wav file format. Search the web. The Wikipedia article, while containing little info itself, appears to have some nice links that might help.

    A best case scenario is that all your wave files have the exact same sample rate and bits per sample, and they're all just PCM. (Wave files can be compressed - rare, but possible.) If they don't, you'll have to choose what you'd like the result to be, and convert them.
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