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    Question IP Address Macros

    Can anybody please share a little information on the IP Address Macros. For example, what can they be used for? Also, what header files are they found in and/or should be used with them? I've been told to use windows.h but I find them in the win.h header file. Most import, can anyone share a simple sample code that demonstrates how to use them?

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    The IP address is commctrl.h. Also, you have to include the .lib file, -lcomctl32. You then initialize INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX with the dwICC set to ICC_INTERNET_CLASSES, and use a regular window, like this:

    0, 0,
    200, 20,
    hInst, // HINSTANCE for window

    I wanted to use this before, and when I copied code from MSDN, it said ICC_INTERNET_CLASSES was undefined. You have to have the latest version of the common controls .dll. I hope this helps!


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