Thread: What should i learn next?

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    What should i learn next?

    Hello, I'm interested in Windows game programming, but I heard that a lot of resources (even books!) can be very bad. Can anyone help me to figure out which resources are high quality enough to get me started on the right track? I tried looking at books, but my lack of knowledge about the subject means I don't know if they teach the right things and there are just so many online tutorials that they can't all be good. Links would be nice, but some common idioms to search for in a resource would be just as helpful, if not more so.
    (Yes, the above paragraph is stolen, but It's exactly what i wanted to say)
    More specifically about myself, I know most of the core C++ language. I'm looking for something that can take me from writing console apps to win32 apps. I'm not very good at graphical arts, so DirectX and the likes aren't high priority for me. I'm using VC++ 2005 express and it will be a while before I can get a retail version, so MFC and STL are out of the picture for now. Thank you for any advice offered on this matter.

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    Just got back from MicroCenter (got a giftcard for christmas) and couldn't find a book on learning windows programming. There were plenty of C++ books, C# books, Visual C++ books, DirectX books, and .Net books. I have C++ books and know most of what a beginners book would teach already. All the VC++ books were 6.0 which i heard sucks and the ones i flipped through didn't even go into windows programming, just the same as a C++ book in VC++. .Net? don't really know what it is, but isn't it another seperate language? I'm not ready to do DirectX, but the closest thing I found to teaching me how to write windows program was in one. It had 50 pages or so on setting up a game loop, creating a window, and other things I don't understand about yet. The other 800 pages went on to DirectX. I guess the majority of my learning will be from online tutorials and resources, but i'd like to have atleast one book I can read when i'm not at my computer.

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    I found this book on MicroCenter's webpage. Does anyone know if it might be a good book?
    It wasn't in the store. I might/might not be able to order it online
    Usually ships in 5-7 business days. Limited availability. May not be in stock at time of order. No back orders.

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