I've been reading through too much JavaScript (a language I've never actually used) for too long now. I give up.

It all started when I realised that I hate the way VS.NET lays out a new class generated by the Project->Add Class Wizard. So I went out searching for the template for it. It turns out C# and VB both have readily available templates in the form of .cs and .vb files respectivly... But nothing for C++. Theres a .js script located at .\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\VCWizards\CodeWiz\Generic\Class\Scripts\1033 which seems to be responsible for generating the class. But it doesn't seem to reference any template for what the generated class is supposed to look like. It does this though:
		oCM	= selProj.CodeModel;

		var strProjectName = wizard.FindSymbol("PROJECT_NAME");

		var strClassName = wizard.FindSymbol("CLASS_NAME");
		var strHeader = wizard.FindSymbol("HEADER_FILE");
		var strImpl = wizard.FindSymbol("IMPL_FILE");
		var strBaseName = wizard.FindSymbol("BASE_CLASS_NAME");

		var L_TransactionName_Text = "Wizard Added ";
		// The files we're adding the new class to might have arbitrary content. Make sure CM is synced up to the changes.

		bValid = wizard.ParentObject.ValidateMember(strClassName, vsCMElementClass);
		if (!bValid) {
			var L_ErrorMessageText = "Class '"+strClassName+"' is already implemented in the selected source file.";

		oCM.StartTransaction(L_TransactionName_Text + strClassName);

		var newclass = oCM.AddClass(strClassName, strHeader, vsCMAddPositionEnd, "", "", vsCMAccessDefault);
Now, not knowing JavaScript makes this a little hard to decipher with precision (but not bad since the syntax is pretty simple). I can't find out where any of this stuff is defined. Specifically the AddClass member of the selProj.CodeModel.

If anyone has succesfully located/modified or knows where the heck I should look for the template or code that defines how a generated C++ class should look, please, please, enlighten me.