Thread: any way to get or find a window client are handle and capture it?

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    any way to get or find a window client are handle and capture it?

    im trying to capture a full client are of one window, but my problem is when i use the api GetWindowDC it get the full window capture (frames,sittle bar,exit buttons...) so i wonder if there is a way to get
    a window client are handle. is there any way?

    int widthW ;
    int heightW;

    int widthC ;
    int heightC;

    HDC hdc = GetWindowDC(hwnd);

    GetWindowRect(hwnd,&rcwindow); // find the dimensions needed

    widthW=rcwindow.right-rcwindow.left ;;

    GetClientRect(hwnd,&rcclient); // find the dimensions needed

    widthC=rcclient.right-rcclient.left ;;

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    Try GetDC() for just the client area.

    Don't forget to ReleaseDC() or you will have a GDI leak.
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