Thread: Classic SDK programming.

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    Classic SDK programming.

    Hey guys.

    I need some help finding some resources on classic Win32 programming. Im currently working on a project that requires it and i was told that there are not that many books written on this subject.

    The topics i was told to focus on are:
    - Threading
    - File IO
    - Hook Functions
    - USB connectivity
    - Named Pipes
    - And some GUI related topics

    If you guys can give me a maybe a link to a tutorial or suggest any really good books, id appreciated.

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    Most of those topics and other topics are covered in this book:
    Programming Windows by Charles Petzold

    a good online resource:
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    You can find some good articles on the Microsoft Systems Journal site:
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    Whoever told you that there aren't many books on regular win32 programming, well, they're wrong. I suggest:

    Programming Windows
    Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows
    Programming the Windows Driver Model
    Windows 95 Systems programming Secrets (kinda outdated, but a lot of it is still applicable today)
    Microsoft Windows Internals, 4th Edition

    I could recommend quite a few more, but I think those suit what you want to do.
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