Thread: Redistributing a file

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    Redistributing a file

    Hi i build a small programm in Visual Studio 2005.
    Whenever i hand it out, all who test it get
    "The application couldnt be startes, because the configuration data was incorrect. Try reinstalling the Programm to fix the error" (translated from german so may be not 100% accurate)

    I distributed the file with the msvcrt 8.0 dlls, but this didnt help either.

    Sorry if its a dumb question.

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    Try linking the executable as a static image so that it doesn't depend on any dll's. The options is somewhere in the project property pages.
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    i found out it has to do with visual studio 2005... rolled back to .NET and i could distribute with ease.

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    An article on this subject has appeared on CodeProject.

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