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    Device & Rendering Context

    I'm making an app which opens multiple windows at the same time. In all windows I want to draw using openGL. This works mostly, but I don't understand a few things though. I've searched on the msdn, but I couldn't get a straight and understandable answer to my questions. So I hope someone here could help me.

    1) Do I have to make 1 rendering context for all windows ?
    2) Do I have to make 1 device context for all windows ?

    Or 1 DC and RC for each window ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I suppose that you will have different DC for each window (like in MDI), so while create the gl window you will have to use the hwnd from each window and assign 'GetDC(HWND );' to the 'HDC ' with wich you will 'ChoosePixelFormat', 'SetPixelFormat', 'wglCreateContext' and finally set the current render context 'wglMakeCurrent'.

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