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    double in a MessageBox

    Very simple ( I hope ) Windows programming question here, I have a string value taken from an edit box, which I have converted into a double with atof(), I then want to do some calculations and open a MessageBox with the answer in it in the form:

    MessageBox(Answer, "Solution:", MB_OK);

    However, the first parameter, 'Answer' can only be a string value (I think), so how do I:

    a) convert Answer from a double to a string so I can use it in MessageBox()


    b) show a double value in place of Answer

    I have looked for a function to convert double to string but I havent found any, only functions like atof() or strtod() for the other way around, but when I try to use Answer in MessageBox() as a double I get:

    error C2664: 'MessageBoxA' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'double' to 'const char *'
    There is no context in which this conversion is possible

    Thanks for any help

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    you can use this:
    char *_ecvt( double value, int count, int *dec, int *sign );


    int decimal, sign;
    int precision;
    if (mpg < 10000) precision = 5;
    if (mpg < 1000) precision = 4;
    if (mpg < 100) precision = 3;
    if (mpg < 10) precision = 2;

    char* buffer;
    buffer = ecvt(mpg, precision, &decimal, &sign );
    for (int x = 0;x < precision;x++){
    if (x == decimal)
    m_gasMileage_Entry[m_Fcount].miles_per_gallon += '.';
    m_gasMileage_Entry[m_Fcount].miles_per_gallon +=

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    one last thing

    I've implemented teh ecvt() function and it works like it should, however, when the input (in your example's case mpg) is a decimal it rounds the number to the nearest int, I assume because the second parameter or esvt only takes an integer, how do I get round this to let my program understand decimals?

    P.S I changed some of code, digital dropout, because the output of ecvt to buffer was always 10x as big has it should have been ?? So I changed all of your precision values to 1 less eg:

    if (mpg < 10000) precision = 4;
    if (mpg < 1000) precision = 3;
    if (mpg < 100) precision = 2;
    if (mpg < 10) precision = 1;

    seems to work , apart from the decimal thing

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    Another option is to use sprintf() in <stdio.h>.

    double Answer;
    char str[31];

    sprintf(str,"The solution is %lf",Answer);
    MessageBox(NULL, str, "Solution:", MB_OK);

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