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    organizing window handles

    I am looking for suggestions on organizing window handles.

    While learning windows programming, it's not a problem as only a few windows are created. But as you build a project, keeping track of the handles gets more complex. How do you organize them? A global link list? A fixed array? Groups of data structures?

    I apologize if this is too elementary a question, sometimes I make the simple things more difficult than they are.

    Just wondering

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    Your question is to vague. How you organise your handles is part of your system design. What specific problem are you facing?
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    I guess I am just a jumble of thoughts. Never mind.

    Thanks anyway

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    Put handles in classes. Thats all.
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    I get the handle as/when required using the resource ID#.

    Resource ID# don't change each time you run your app.
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