Thread: TranslateMessage() without a window?

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    TranslateMessage() without a window?

    hello all,

    I am ultimately trying to convert virtual key codes into ascii character codes; I am trying to make use of the function TranslateMessage() as it appears to do exactly what I want. Although this funcion works fine when using a window, for some reason it wont work without one.

    My plan was to send 'dummy' WM_KEYDOWN/WM_KEYUP to my message loop thread with PostThreadMessage() and it would spit out WM_CHAR messages. However, it just refuses to create WM_CHAR messages no matter what I try. MSDN doesn't state that a window is required in order to use it, I just can't understand the problem.

    If anybody has any ideas at all why this isn't working I'd be very greatful. Thanks

    P.S. If anybody wants some sample source code to demonstrate the problem, I'll be happy to whip some up.

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    Try the MapVirtualKey function instead.

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    I am currently using the MapVirtualKey function, however it doesn't handle the shift characters to make special characters. I would have to convert each ascii code (1 to !, 2 to ", etc) manually, and then do it differenetly for different keyboard layouts which just seems like far too much work.

    TranslateMessage() solves the problem that it automatically changes ascii codes dependant on whether shift is down, it also works with all keyboard layouts, therefore it's pretty much ideal, except I can't get it working without a window.

    If it turns out here my problem can't be solved, I'll simply have to have a window and not show it, but it seems highly inefficient and messy for what I am wanting.


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    Was this problem solved? I'm in the same situation, but it appears that the function requires an input queue (the handle/id for which is the same as the thread which is hosting a window). I've resorted to creating a hidden window, is there any way to simulate this call via documented/undocumented API?

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