Thread: Windows Forms and/or MFC [But definately not win32!] questions

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    Question Windows Forms and/or MFC [But definately not win32!] questions

    Hey there, I just have a few questions.
    I know that MFC is easier than win32 [so they say] and everything but do I need to learn MFC to use ActiveX and create internet capable programs?

    Seeing as MFC is dialog based couldn't a person just do the same thing in Windows Forms [which is so far the only thing I can half understand].

    And with the ActiveX controls with MFC being easy [so they say] to implement can't you also use all of that in Windows Forms if you use MFC as a shared dll or whatever?

    Most of what I can find on the net about Windows programming is either VB.NET or C#, I know only C++, if I do need to invest my time in learning another language to program in Windows which one should I learn next?

    C# to me looks like the way to go with .NET but everywhere I go people say VB is the simplest language, but, simply doesn't neccessarily mean best, does it?

    I guess I am just asking for direction

    <<Lol, almost wish we didn't have windows and stayed in the days of DOS!!!!!>>

    Thanks for your input,

    Robert M. Sitter

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    ActiveX objects can be used in a Windows Forms app. If the ActiveX module is a C++ module then C++ with managed extensions would have to be used. Otherwise, any functionality of .Netframework (C#, VB.Net) can be used.

    The choice of a language ,C# or VB.Net under .Netframework will be debated for years to come. IMO, if your background is Visual Basic, I would suggest VB.Net. If your background is C, C++ or Java, then C# would be the best choice.

    Finally, I would suggest you avoid MFC if your work requires a lot of COM usage as in ActiveX modules. Again, IMO, it's just a lot easier to do this work in .Net.

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    Ok, sounds good, I will start to learn C#...
    Forgive me if I'm wrong [been told not to compare languages on this board if I don't want to start a flame but I'll do this anyways] C# doesn't look a whole lot different than C++ so far, it probably won't take very long to pick it up.

    Thanks for your response,

    Rob Sitter
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