Thread: D3DXCreateFont linker error

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    D3DXCreateFont linker error

    I have recently started using DirectX. I am using Dev-C++ on Windows XP and I have the headers and libraries needed for DirectX programming. I made a project in Dev, included and linked the needed libraries and headers, made a window and added D3DXCreateFont function in my window procedure under WM_CREATE:. The only error that comes up, is this:
      [Linker error] undefined reference to `D3DXCreateFontA@48'
    I have linked the correct libary(which is d3dx9.lib), and checked it out on MSDN. What could be causing this linker error? Thanks.
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    I don't think that Dev-C++ (MinGW) implements d3dx9.lib, probably licensing/copyright issues. I haven't tried converting d3dx9.lib to libd3dx9.a (MinGW naming convention) but it might well be possible. Actually that would translate to -ld3dx9 in the Project Options / Parameters / Linker box. Try -ld3dx9d and that will link the debug version of the lib which I'm sure is implemented in Dev-C++ That first character is a lower case L for those who might not know it.


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