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    Loading Bitmaps

    I'm not trying to make a game, but I want to learn about loading bitmaps onto windows in visual c++. Does anyone know of a place to learn more about this? Thanks for any help

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    Well, I got some code going:

    hehe, not much, eh? I have a RECT var which I described the top/bottom/left/right properties to and I'm trying to assign it to the first argument of BitBlt(). How do I make the MyRect thing into a drawing area? I'm confused with BeginPaint(). Does anyone have any ideas?

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    GAR! GAR!

    Well, let me update that code:

    It displays nothing. What am I doing wrong? The bitmap is 64x320. Any ideas?

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    try making another dc using CreateCompatibleDC() and load your bitmap into it. then bitblt the compatible dc into hdc.

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    Try a search. I have posted all the code you need previously and do not want to do so again.

    PS CreateCompatibleBitmap() needs a HDC for the second to be compatible with. But you will find this in a search.

    Use GetObject() and a BITMAP struc to find the size of the image on the fly.

    You will need a paint function to see anything.
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