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    Question HTML Support?

    I made a program, NetStudio, and I want to make a preview browser. When I load an HTML file, how do I show the result of it in the preview window?

    NOTE: I already started the preview browser!


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    You'll have to parse the html file and display it. If you can use MFC, CHtmlView will make your life easier.

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    yeah, there's not much more you can do than prse it, and take zen's advice about trying to mix in CHtmlView if you a search on MSDN on how to use it. You could also just launch it in the person's default browser. Just save the file in a temp location, and launch the browser using ShellExec() (I think that's the one...if it's not, someone correct me) with the tmp HTML page as an argument to the browser program (like "iexplore.exe tmp001.html")

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