Thread: Serial port woes (visual C++ .NET 2003)

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    Serial port woes (visual C++ .NET 2003)


    i don't even know on how to get started with using my serial port.

    My professor (using visual studio 6) said we need to use the mscomm32 activeX controller which has the Commctrl class

    something tells me that they got rid of it in visual C++ .NET (which is the program we're requiered to use)..

    I've done searched for this activeX controller in visual . NEt.. but turn up nothing..

    anyone have a clue as to how i would go about controller my serial port in Visual C++ . NET 2003?


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    I haven't done it in .NET, but I do have some sample code that works with the Win32 API, and so will work in (unmanaged) C++ code. Let me know if you'd like me to post it.

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