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    Unhappy anyone who is kind?

    merci,there u saviour!
    i just want to know what is the difference between modal and modeless dialog boxes? secondly,can show me how is the modeless dialog boxes working?if can,i wish to have the source code for it. u can just make it simple as u can.....i just want to know how it goes?i need it for as a sample only........... hope u can give a big big hand in here. merci @-|-|-|-+

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    You should get together with "Jenniffer", oh, looking at your IP, I see you have!!!

    Come on. Post your code and we'll help you, but we will not do your homework for you!!
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    what u mean?

    i really need the help,well,what happened to the ip address?
    of course i will be the same......coz this is my college computers/
    not just me using the computers..... come on........ u think i am jenniffer......

    can u help me with modeless dialog boxes or not,adrianxw?

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    A Modal dialogue box is one which won't let you use any other window until it(the dialogue box) has been closed.
    A Modeless dialogue box is the opposite in that you can use other windows while it is open.
    Modal dialogues are the more common.
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    Christine here are quick examples:

    //modeless dialog box;

    mdlg = new CMajorDialogbox;//create a new CMajorDialogbox class on the heap

    mdlg->ShowWindow(SW_SHOW);//show the new window

    if (mdlg != NULL) //if the window has already been created display it


    //Modal dialog box;


    Hope that helps;

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