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    Move file during shutdown

    I have a program located here:

    THe last thiing the program does is to reboot the computer. However, I have another program test2.exe. Before the computer shuts down I want test.exe to be deleted. Also, test2.exe shall take the place of test.exe, that is, the same directory and the name shall change to test.exe.

    Is there some runonce thing I can use in Windows for this matter ?

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    Hmm.. Here is an easy way to do it.
    Put this in the end of test.exe:

    system("start rename.exe");
    this will start the rename.exe and since the test.exe is done running this will be exited.

    Inside rename.exe:
    system("del test.exe");
    system("ren test2.exe test.exe");

    This should delete test.exe and rename test2.exe -> test.exe.

    then u can run test.exe again:P Im not sure what you are coding so kinda hard to help:P but u get the idea and im sure u can figure this out urself
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    Thanks for the help. One problem. The system call doesn't return until the task is completed and returns to it. That is, the rename.exe need to return to the system call. However, it cannot remove test1.exe if it still is running.

    Do you have any idea to avoid this?

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