Thread: *VERY* basic MDI question

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    *VERY* basic MDI question

    I thought I got this in class, but apparently not.

    My mission, with no choice but to accept it:

    Create a multiple document program with 8 dialogs/new windows to demonstrate all the wonderful coding stuff we've learned this semester.

    I'm having no problem with those, it's getting the menu selection to pop up the window. When I click on menu on the main window, the drop down selections are grayed out.

    So far, I've done it this way: Insert->resource->dialog then clicked new. Create the dialog window, then go to the class wizard, entered the CNameOfIt to create the class. Program comes up just fine, except that I can't get to any of the dialogs because of the menu problem. I'm feeling like quite a bit of a dork here, and I know I'm missing some simple step.

    Thanks for your patience..hopefully this isn't too confusing to answer.

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    Not quite clear. Which menu has the drop downs grayed, the one the child dlg's are added to? ['Window' is default I think]

    Have you created the frame?
    Created the dlg's and then hidden them ready to show when the user selects one?

    In my MDI I created the dlg's on the fly as you need to use CreateMDIWindow() to get them to add to the menu. Then create the ctrl's on them with CreateWindow().
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    Actually, I figured it out within about five minutes of posting. Seems like the minute you think you've reached the end of your rope, you get another idea.

    I wish I knew my terminology a little better..What I meant was when you run the program, click menu from the toolbar, the drop down list items were grayed out. I knew I was forgetting something simple..I didn't right click on them, go to class wizard, and add in:
    CLibraryfunctions dlg;

    It was most likely confusing because it's so darned basic it's unbelievable a person wouldn't know that.

    Thanks for taking time to reply! I'm sure I'll be back with more confusing stuff.

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