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    I'm trying to do some parsing on netstat's output, but this is proving rather difficult...:

    So far, popen() has me baffled. As far as I can tell from the snippit below, popen is returning NULL, and errno is set to zero. (Which makes no sense.) What is going on here?

    	ph = popen("netstat -e", "r");
    		sprintf(err, "Error is %d. ph = %d\n", errno, ph);
    		MessageBox(HWND_DESKTOP, "popen failed.", "popen", MB_OK);
    		MessageBox(HWND_DESKTOP, err, err, MB_OK);
    (function continues..., or would, if popen() would succeed...)
    Since all I really care about is the bytes sent & recv'd... is there an easier way to get those numbers? Some API call I know nothing about?
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    Perhaps the health warning here explains.
    Note The _popen function returns an invalid file handle, if used in a Windows program, that will cause the program to hang indefinitely. _popen works properly in a Console application. To create a Win
    > Some API call I know nothing about?
    Almost certainly, probably the ones netstat uses itself.
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    You could use GetIfTable, which will give you the number of bytes sent and received for each interface. Netstat appears to use GetIpStatsFromStackEx, which is undocumented.

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