Thread: Deleting object after list removal (C++ visual studio)

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    Deleting object after list removal (C++ visual studio)


    so, I have a list of objects taht i made (they're calle Cgate objects)

    they're in a list. I made a routine that will search through the list and find what it wants to delete..

    so what i have so far is.. i can search through the list, and remove the object from the list..

    but i'm trying to delete the actual object..when i throw in some code to delete the object, the list search and removal code doens't work anymore.. here's the code.. what do you guys think?

    PHP Code:
    case REMOVE:

                while (
    pos != NULL)
    CGatepGate gateList.GetNext(pos);

    pGate->GateID == WhichGate)
    pGate gateList.GetPrev(pos);
    //delete pGate;
    CurrentOperation NOTHING// to get out of "delete mode"

    break; // when found and deleted stop going through list

                    else if(
    pos == gateList.GetTailPosition())
    pGate gateList.GetNext(pos);
    pGate gateList.RemoveTail();


    see where i have the // delete Cgate

    i thought i could delete the object like that, but it seems to screw my list up.

    it seems to screw with the location the object was in..

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    looks like you do a good job of identifying the node to be deleted.. and you can successfully delete the node.. and you can identify the previous node.. but does the previous node ever get linked to the 'next' node after a deletion is made....?
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    i read that the removeAt() function takes care of that for you..

    from what i read.. the following happens

    if you have a list

    PHP Code:

    you do removeAT(1this would make a new list with just
    it say's it takes care of it for you.. i guess it doesn't? because like i said.. as the code stands above.. it works.. but when i uncomment that delete pGate; line.. then it acts screwy

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