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    Backwards compatibility

    I've written a Windows application in C using Dev-C++. I'm using Windows XP and it works perfectly under Windows XP. When I've tested the application in another computer under Windows 98 I've got an error just right after double clicking the EXE file. Can anyone give me a clue about the cause and how I can fix it?

    Error image

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you using the StrStr function anywhere in your code?

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    Yes. But in the Platform SDK Documentation says:
    Minimum DLL Version shlwapi.dll version 4.71 or later
    Custom Implementation No
    Header shlwapi.h
    Import library shlwapi.lib
    Minimum operating systems Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 4.0
    Is it wrong?

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    You're probably using a function(s) that's not supported in old Win98. I suggest you go to the MSDN site and go through every API function in your source code and check and see if it's supported in Win98.

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    Could it be extended structures like WNDCLASSEX and other things like that?

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    The official location of StrStr, etc is shlwapi.dll. However, on some Windows versions, it is also exported from shell32.dll. You have linked against the shell32 export (which is not available on Win9x) rather than the correct shlwapi export. I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the MinGW/Dev-C++ import libraries or can be rectified by changing the link order. Try correcting the link order by making sure that shlwapi is listed before shell32 in the library list. You can explore the imports of your executable with a tool such as the free Dependency Walker. Here is someone else who has experienced the same problem.

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