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    Cool icon in title bar?

    Hey. I'm just starting out with Bloodshed's Dev C++.

    I've been learning quite a bit in the past couple of days. I created a blank windows application and I was able to compile it with the icon of my choice. I was also able to change the icon in the toolbar to something different besides the default (white and blue empty) icon.

    What is puzzling me, is how to get the icon in the titlebar to be the icon of my choice.?

    After running the EXE that I just compiled it shows my new icon in the toolbar...... new icon on the exe itself (in windows explorer of course)... but still shows the default icon in the titlebar next to the name of my proggie.

    Is there a one line command that I can put somewhere in there?

    Thanks a bunch for any help!

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    Lightbulb I know how...

    I use Dev-C++ from BloodShed, too. Open the resource editor, then click the Insert Icon Resource button. In the identifier or name box, type SMI or any other name. Click the folder next to the dit box to selectan icon file. When you do that, click Build Resource. Now, go back to the C++ editor. On the line where it says:

    wincl.hIconSm = LoadIcon(NULL, IDI_APPLICATION);

    Replace it with:

    wincl.hIconSm = LoadIcon(hThisInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE("SMI"));

    Where "SMI" is the name for your icon in the resource editor. I hope this helps!


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    Unhappy Tried... failed...

    Wonder what I am doing wrong.
    I am getting a "Parse error before ',"
    if I double click on it it shows me line 61 where it says

    hThisInstance, /* Program Instance handler */

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    working.... but...

    okay... got it running... didn't change anything though. :*(

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