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    localization with string table

    Hi, I am beginner to windows programming. I am trying with a sample program that displays a localized string. I folllowed the steps below:
    1. Created a win32 application in VC6. Set _UNICODE and UNICODE as the preprocessor definitions.
    2. Added a resource file to the project. Added two string tables in the resource file, one for japanese locale and other for english(US) locale. Both the string tables contain only one entry with the same ID, but differrent caption.
    3. WinMain contains only two statements: one for LoadSring() and other for MessageBox().

    My intention is to display localized message. When I run the program on both english and jpanese locales, I get the same string( which is from the english string table ).

    What is the problem? Did i miss anything?


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    Isn't that what's supposed to happen?

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    I was under the impression that for programs running on different locales, you distributed them with different strings. Or at least give them different IDs, and allow the user to specify which language to use.

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