Hi all,

I would like to develop an application in Windows (using VC++) that will prevent the Print Dialog box from appearing whenever a print command is issued from another application. This other applicaiton is a flash player which will issue print commands at will, it is upto the C++ code to prevent the appearance of the Dialog boxes. As far as the selection of the printers is concerned, the C++ code will set the desired printer as default at run-time.

I was going through the MSDN documentation and it was mentioned under the title Print Dialog Box that modifying Prnsetup.dlg can help me achieve my objective. I will probably have to rename this file at runtime and replace it with a modified file.

Are there any registry files that I can tweak to make this happen? But again, I would like this feature to be available to any user and as registry is only accesible to administrators, this won't be useful.