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    problem with ZwQueryDirectoryFile

    at a certain point it returns STATUS_PENDING,i can retry the call
    but it still continues returning that error,forever

    i always set to NULL the second parameter,that is supposed to be an OPTIONAL HANDLE to an Event

    // hDir is a valid handle to a directory,obtained via CreateFile with
    // pNames is a buffer,and uBufSize its size
    int ret = NtQueryDirectoryFile(hDir,NULL,NULL,NULL,&IO,pNames,uBufSize,FileNamesInformation,FALSE,NULL,TRUE);
    perhaps i have to pass a non-NULL value as the second
    parameter, which is an handle to an event,
    and then wait for it to happen...but how i create it?

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    You can create your own event HANDLE using CreateEvent. You can then pass it to your function and wait for the event to be signalled with WaitForSingleObject.

    Pseudo Code:

    HANDLE hEvent = CreateEvent( ... );

    int ret = NtQueryDirectoryFile(hDir,hEvent,NULL,NULL,&IO,pNa mes,uBufSize,FileNamesInformation,FALSE,NULL,TRUE) ;

    WaitForSingleObject( hEvent, INFINITE );

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