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    Custom buttons

    Is it possible to display customized buttons that perform as normal buttons?

    As an example:

    A standard "Ok" type button that looks like a stone brick (rough textured) instead of being smooth.

    I'm just checking feasibility right now...

    Blucast Corporation

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    You can assign an image to the button control:

    HBITMAP texture=(HBITMAP)LoadImage(hInstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(resource_identificator),IMAGE_BITMAP,0,0,0);
    on the rc file you should add a 'resource_identificator BITMAP "valid_file.bmp"'

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    Adding an image would be the easiest way to make your button look the way you want. Another way would be to set an image on the application, designed with the exact look you want and then Code the MouseClick() event to work the same way as you would want the ButtonClick() to. It's more complicated and depending on your image and what language you might choose, you may have to check the mouse's current cooridinates to make sure that it is within the border you intend... to have someone click on a ball within a picture for example.

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