Thread: Program does not find any matching file

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    Program does not find any matching file

    Hey guys. I want my program to output all the files, in a given folder, that contains a word entered by the user. What the program does, though, is simply output ALL the file names, even though it's obvious that they don't all contain the string since 3 of the files in the directory are images so and 1 of the 3 text files does not contain the word. Can you guys help me ?
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <windows.h>
    int main(int argc, char** argv) {
        WIN32_FIND_DATA wfd;
        std::string path;
        std::cout << "Chemin du fichier: ";
        std::getline(std::cin, path, '\n');
        std::string word;
        std::cout << "Mot ou expression: ";
        std::getline(std::cin, word, '\n');
        handle = FindFirstFile(path.c_str( ), &wfd);
        do {
                     if(handle == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) break;
                     if(wfd.dwFileAttributes == FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) continue;
                     std::cout << wfd.cFileName;
                     std::ifstream f_handle(wfd.cFileName);
                     if(f_handle.is_open( )) {
                                          std::string temp;
                                          int counter = 1;
                                          while(f_handle.peek() != EOF) {
                                                                std::getline(std::cin, temp, '\n');
                                                                if(temp.find(word.c_str( )) != std::string::npos) {
                                                                                         std::cout << wfd.cFileName << '\t' << counter << std::endl;
                                          f_handle.close( );
        } while(FindNextFile(handle, &wfd) != false);
        std::cin.get( );

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    you can do:
    while(std::getline(std::cin, temp))
    wihtout all the if (f_handle.is_open()) and the f_handle.peek().. oh, wait, I see what your issue is. you are getting the value of temp from std::cin, you should be passing f_handle to it instead.

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