Thread: Trying to get my App to copy files with wildcards

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    Smile Trying to get my App to copy files with wildcards

    (Using MS Visual C++ 6.0)

    I want to enable my application to copy files after I click a button.

    I have tried the Shell function CopyFile, with no success. All I really need it to do is, copy all C:\windows\system\*.DLL to C:\back\system , saving them with their origonal names and file attributes.

    I tried spawning Xcopy.exe (Gawd, the horror!), sure it worked, but it is extremely non-optimal.

    Any suggestions on ways I could accomplish this, let me know please.

    (Note: I know how to link the function to clicking a button, so no help is needed there. Just need a function that will allow me to use wildcards to copy files, and how to use it.)

    Thank you much. In the mean time, I will search more...

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    Try this one:

    int  CopyAllFiles (
     char   *wildStr,
     char   *srcPath,
     char   *dstPath
       HANDLE           hf;
       BOOL             goFlag = FALSE;
       int              reply;
       WIN32_FIND_DATA  ffData;
       char             srcFile[MAX_PATH], dstFile[MAX_PATH];
       sprintf (srcFile, "%s\\%s", srcPath, wildStr);
       hf = FindFirstFile (srcFile, &ffData);
       for (goFlag=(hf!=INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE); goFlag; goFlag=FindNextFile(hf, &ffData))  {
          if (ffData.dwFileAttributes == FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE)  {
             sprintf (srcFile, "%s\\%s", srcPath, ffData.cFileName);
             sprintf (dstFile, "%s\\%s", dstPath, ffData.cFileName);
             reply = CopyFile (srcFile, dstFile, TRUE);
       if (hf!=INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
          FindClose (hf);
       return (0);
    Call it like this:
    CopyAllFiles ("*.exe", "C:\\Foo", "D:\\Bar");

    Works for me. See on MSDN what third param of CopyFile() does and do whatever you want about it.
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    You can also use SHFileOperation. The fFlags member can be used to control various aspects of the operations such as whether a progress dialog is shown.
    SHFILEOPSTRUCT op = { 0 };
    op.hwnd   = hwnd;
    op.wFunc  = FO_COPY;
    op.pFrom  = TEXT("C:\\windows\\system\\*.dll\0");
    op.pTo    = TEXT("C:\\back\\system\0");
    op.fFlags = 0;

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    Nice, thank you!

    Thanks for the help, pretty easy to understand! Yeah that shellfileop thingy was tough for me to get, MS MSDN library online is like, helpful.......................IF you can find the right pages! I keep poping up to windows CE pages and stuff that isnt even related.... one page gives me functions with _underscores, and one doesnt........

    ................ahhhh the horror!

    Gonna have to break down and buy some books again.

    Anyhow, thanks!

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