Thread: function plotter program using MFC

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    function plotter program using MFC


    so, i'm using visualstudio .net, But i'm programming with the MFCs.

    here's the deal. The programis supposed to read in a file, and then plot data on a graph..

    my problem is scaling. I can't get my plotted line to move with my tic marks on the graph when i do things like resize the window..

    anyone have a clue?? i'm sooooooooo lost.. and this is due soon... the sucks is that class has no TAs

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    there are a couple of ways to do this...

    the 'dodgy' way
    draw to a seperate DC and StretchBlt() to the screen.
    The problem being that StretchBlt() is slow,
    not good with line drawings (can lose some lines)
    or non integer resizes (ie OK with 1:2 or 2:1 but bad with 1:3.454)

    the 'correct' way
    Look at MSDNs 'Coordinate Spaces and Transformations'

    the 'quick' way
    when drawing the axis find a ratio between the number of pixels and max range for that axis. Use this to convert each point, add to an array and draw with PolyLine() or similar.

    screen width = 640 pixels
    X axis range (max X - min X) = 300
    ratio = 2 ( 640/300 )
    margin = 20 ( (640%300)/2) )

    Don't forget to clear the area first.
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