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    A huge favor to ask

    Ok i know next to nothing when it comes to c/c++ but i'm pretty good with something called autoit ( i have been working on something on that for quite some time. There is a problem though i'm not sure ti can be done at all but i will try. In autoit you can make the mouse click stuff and type stuff for a minimized window. The only problem is you can not do a pixel search for a minmized window which i really need to do. So i come here to ask for a help or even code if it is out there for a program that can do a pixel search for a minimized window. It would be really nice if i could have it in a dll so i can call it from autoit code. But if not i'm sure i can work something out in autoit.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Sorrry if this is the wrong place to ask if it is please point me in the right direction.
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    We are not in the habit of doing other's work here. However you may try the Projects and Recruitment board. You will need to post the exact specifications.

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