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    Console --> windows...

    I couldnt think of any good title...

    Not sure if this thread belongs here, but if i know console c++ fairly well, then what do i do next? Where would i find good tutorials on the net?

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    good tutorials about what topic(s)? Can an auto mechanic learn how to repair a car by reading tutorials on the net? Not every likely. To get the nitty-gritty details and advanced topics you need to (1) take college courses, (2) work on-the-job, and/or (3) buy/read books. There are hundreds of ways to use c/c++ skills, most of which you will not find on the net.

    I think there is a lot of information about game programming, but that goes far beyond the simple console program and your math skills must be pretty decent -- HS algrbra and trig.

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    The Forger's tutorial is a good one.
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    Yes! Forger's is THE tutorial.

    And THE book is Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. Petzold's book is written in a tutorial style. He assumes that you know C or C++, but nothing about Windows programming. It is also a great reference. Almost every Windows programmers owns a copy.

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    You should know that while Charles Petzold, a brilliant writer, he only shows you the frontend of the Win32 API. If you want to learn to use different parts of the API and not just visual controls, you should get another book. The books I highly recommend for this are "Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows by Jeffrey Richter," "Debugging Applications by John Robbins," and "Programming the Windows Device Driver Model by Walter Oney"

    And of course, nothing beats MSDN. You'll find when you hit a snag, reading inbetween the lines of MSDN documentation will light your way.
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