Thread: Application display area splitter

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    Application display area splitter


    In some applications I have see some bars (I donít know the exact name) that split the display area of application into different parts

    What is the API to create these controls?

    In order to be sure that you understand what I want see the attach picture that show the control I want to create


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    They're usually referred to as 'splitters' and there is no 'api' for them ie. no specific windows control so you'll have to create one yourself. This page should give you some ideas:
    CProgramming FAQ
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    In .NET it's called a Splitter. This is how you use it (from memory):
    Splitter splitter = new Splitter();
    splitter.Orientation = SplitterOrientations.Vertical; // Up/down split
    splitter.Dock = DockStyle.Fill; // Fill the whole window
    this.Controls.Add(splitter); // Displays
    Man, you Win32 guys are so much more efficient

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