Thread: How long did it take you???????

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    How long did it take you???????

    How long did it take you to pick up and understand windows programming I am not expecting to get it right away and you are probably like this kid is expecting to much but I am just curious. I have been reading Petzold's Fifth Edition for 3 days on page 82 and frankly I feel like beating my head repeatedly on the keyboard. Anyone else get this?


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    If you need less than a month for the basics you are either a real whiz-kid, or you have too much sparetime on your hands. It's hard. Take it easy

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    I started 2 monthes ago and Im now just getting a ise what Im doing. AndI do have too much spare time on my hands :-)

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    I was able to create a window and basic child-controls, (besides a textbox) after about a month. Although, it was during the summer and I was REALLY working hard on it.
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    I've been using Win32 for years, and probably still learn at least one new thing a week! (Admittedly, some of these are things I new once but had forgotten - but hell, with the size of the API, that's inevitable).
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    I know what you mean, I haven't done API since I left the board for flashdaddee's a while ago (that wasn't TOO long ago, but now I'm back so whatever ) and I'm already rusty. I used to be like WinAPI guru and now...*pffft*

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