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    listing in order

    Hello everyone;

    For my FTP program, when i display all the files and directories on the server i want the directories to be displayed at the top, and the files to follow.

    while(InternetFindNextFile(hFindFile,&dwFlags)) {


    sprintf(DirName,"%s <DIR> ",dwFlags.cFileName);
    SendMessage (ServerFilesLST,LB_ADDSTRING, 0, (LPARAM)DirName);

    sprintf(FileName,"%s ",dwFlags.cFileName);
    SendMessage (ServerFilesLST,LB_ADDSTRING, 0, (LPARAM)FileName);

    okay this displays the files, but doesnt put them into any order. I tried to first store the dwFlags.cFileName temporaly and write a \n sequence after it, but when i tried this my program just destroyed itself...

    this is what i tried.

    sprintf(t_DirName,"%s \n ",dwFlags.cFileName);

    and then i sent the DirName to the list box after the while loop was finished. But as i said, the program just exited... anyway i am quite stuck on this little problem of mine, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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    How much space in DirName string?

    Is this going OOB (out of bounds) with the strcat()? (if in a loop, would be my bet)

    A way round it, though slow over the net would be to do the 'adding' twice the first loop for the DIR's the second for files.

    Else use some dynamic memory alloc. Keep the strings and if they are a DIR togather for later adding to the listbox, ie use an array of structures.
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