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    MSVC++ compilers

    What is the "/Align" value in the MSVC++ 6.0 compiler.
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    From the MSVC++ help...

    midl /align:alignment

    Specifies the alignment for types in the library. The alignment value can be 1, 2, 4, or 8. The value 1 indicates natural alignment; n indicates alignment on byte n. When you do not specify the /align switch, the default is 8.
    midl /align:4 filename.idl

    The /align switch is functionally the same as the MIDL /Zp option and is recognized by the MIDL compiler solely for backward compatibility with MKTYPLIB. If you are generating a new makefile, use the /Zp switch.

    The alignment value corresponds to the /Zp option value used by the Microsoft C/C++ compiler.Be sure that you specify the same alignment when you invoke the C compiler as when you invoke the MIDL compiler. For more information, see your Microsoft C/C++ programming documentation.

    For a discussion of the potential dangers in using nonstandard packing levels, see the /Zp help topic.

    ... or did you mean this one from the same source ...

    /ALIGN (Section Alignment)
    Home | Overview | How Do I | Linker Options


    This option specifies the alignment of each section within the linear address space of the program. The number argument is in bytes and must be a power of two. The default is 4K. The linker issues a warning if the alignment produces an invalid image.
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