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    help with multiboot

    hey im trying to multi-boot my old computer with windows98(already installed) and Knoppix Linux. The Partiton that Windows is on takes up 100% of the disk space, so i can't make extended partitions. I can't delete the primary partition because i dont have the disk that came with windows 98(i got the computer from my friend) How can i reformat without the disk? Is it even possible?
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    Your in the wrong forum....but...

    I would be looking for some app like 'Partition Magic' so I could change the partions without destroying the data.

    To change the partition look in the C:\ for

    fdisk.exe (.com?)
    WARNING: Will wipe all data from disk.

    >>because i dont have the disk that came with windows 98

    If you mean the startup or boot disk, then you can get windows 98 to make one. I forget exactly where, I think from 'System'....
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