Thread: Where are Outlook INBOX emails stored?

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    Where are Outlook INBOX emails stored?

    In what folder or what part of the registry are the EMAILS in my INBOX stored?

    I have the need to fit a new HDD and want to keep all EMAILS in my INBOX.

    I have tried to generate an EMAIL called test but cannot find it with either a file search or registry search.

    Hope you can help

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    Assuming Outlook Express....

    Do a search on your PC to find an folder called Identities. Ith there somewhere you will have a folder called Outlook Express. In there you will have a file called INBOX.dbx...this holds you mails from the inbox.....there will be others relating to whatever folders you have.

    I cant give a proper path as I dont know what OS you have. Also, if you have multiple profiles on your PC, then you may have multiple INBOX.dbx's.........So be careful which one you backup....Also its an idea to backup everything in that folder.....

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    C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{--misc numbers}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Inbox.dbx
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    What about XP Pro, Outlook (from office 2000)? Is the Application Data a hidden folder? I don't remember if i have hidden folders visible or not...
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    Post Store Path in Outlook express

    you could try this path:
    and find Store Folder and click Change To New Path

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    Don't know about outlook express but in the full version all your emails (inbox, outbox, sent, etc) are stored in one PST file.

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