Thread: Windows app without console

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    Windows app without console

    Hi, I'm new to win32 and I wanted to know how you could create a windows program without the console window showing up as well.

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    Link has pictures for creating a Win32 application with Borland and MSVC++ compilers. But seeing as you didn't specify your compiler/IDE, we really don't know how to help you, however it is normally pretty self explanitory with whatever IDE you may be using

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    Here's another good tutorial...
    IDE: DevC++ (GCC 3.4.2)
    2nd compiler: g++ (GCC 3.4.3/4.0.0)
    3rd compiler: Borland 5.5
    IDE: Microsoft Visual C# Express 2005
    2nd IDE: SharpDevelop
    2nd compiler: csc in Command Prompt
    .NET Framework: 2.0
    Core: 5.1.0 beta 3
    IDE: PHPEdit
    2nd IDE: Notepad
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    I also had the same problem when I first started programing, that can be fixed by setting your project settings from "Console Application" to "Windows Application".
    In Dev-C++: Project->Project Options.

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    Visual C++: Add /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS to the linker options.

    Dev-C++: Add -mwindows to the linker options.

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