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    Cool WIN32 Chess server

    I am building a Chess Game which will reside on a server and waits for to player to connect and play chess.I have developed the prototype.this prototype has the following capabilities :

    *you can move the characters
    *it can check whether a move is valid or invalid

    Problem 1-

    I need guidence in how to proceed further.i need help especially in networking part

    Problem 2-
    How can I run a chess server and 2 clients(for testing purpose)
    on the same PC?

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    You can try Virtual PC from Microsoft which allows you to do networking in a single computer between virtual PCs. It is great for software testing since you can install several operating systems in the same computer running in their own private virtual machine space.

    As to helping you with the networking code, it would help if you have any specific question. Asking a very general question to help you out will not give you any responses.

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    Or use the networking forum here.

    I don't see a need for a virtual PC for this problem - two clients should be able to connect to a given port on

    > How can I run a chess server and 2 clients(for testing purpose)
    Start with a server which merely prints the requests, eg
    - request to move pawn from A4 to A5
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    Yeah, it should. When I was making a LAN messaging program it worked for me. Just make sure to, when initializing your socket, tell it to accept 2 connections, no more no less. Unless you want the person running the server to be able to play.
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