Thread: Wildcards, again

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    Wildcards, again

    As suggested, by Novacain, I started using ????? for wildcards, but it seems it matches only under these conditions:

    c:\\???.html -- only matches c:\\dog.html or any other 3 letters/numbers

    File path lengths vary, of course, so how would I use wild cards to match variable file path lengths???


    By the way...

    Of course, wildcards don't only match 3 letters/numbers. I just happened to used 3 in my example. (Just clearing things up). It seems as if the number of ??? must equal the number of wildcard characters, is another way of putting it.
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    Use the asterick: c:\\windows\\desktop\\*.html
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    Sorry I did not explain well enough

    * == any number of characters

    ? == one character
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