Thread: I don't know how to really ask this but in short I am trying to make a Slide Show....

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    Ah, that looks like managed C++ (.NET), which I don't know anything about, sorry.

    My suggestions were based around C/simple C++ programming. Rest assured that there's probably a really easy way to load bitmaps into your PictureBox, but I don't know it.

    Someone else should be able to help you now that they know exactly what flavour programming you're using, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMurf
    Ah, that looks like managed C++ (.NET), which I don't know anything about, sorry.
    Sorry for not mentioning that and thanks again for your help....

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    for gods sake use gdi+ especially if you are using managed c++. GDI+ has an image class for handling jpegs and bitmaps and several other formats. All you need is some window creation code, a simple timer,and GDI+. Shouldnt take longer than an hour or two at most.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Your making this harder than it needs to be.
    Look at the resource editor. Will allow you to construct a dialog so no need to create on the fly.

    Can be modal so simple to call with DoModal() or dialog based app.

    MFC would set up the background processing and you would just have to add the code to change the image (shown above).

    A timer msg can be used to trigger the change in images. or if the user pushes a button.

    for a folder off the working folder use..

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    First you should decide what Programming Language to use. Right now you are using Managed C++. You can not compile this to an executable that will run as a standalone from a CD. You will always need the .NET Framework installed on the target PC. On the plus side, it's way easier to develop in .NET.

    Do you want a .NET ( managed C++ in this case ) application, or do you need a standalone version in C++ that can run on any machine from CD ?

    In Managed C++ you can use a derivate of the Image class to load images. Perhaps Bitmap will work. You can then assign the Bitmap object to your picturebox's Image/Picture property.

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