Thread: Displaying an IplImage in an Extended Windows Styles window

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    Displaying an IplImage in an Extended Windows Styles window

    Hey all,

    I'm currently working on a project that involves using a webcam for interaction via motion detection in specified regions. For the purpose processing the images from the camera I'm using the OpenCV Library. The OpenCV library uses the IplImage format for it's images- this is the old Intel Image Processing Library Image format.

    I've been informed I now have to give visual feedback to the user of where their movements are being detected relevant to the items on screen. To do this I need to overlay my processed Image onto the on-screen interface using a window in which I can set the transparency/tranlucency. There are simple methods in the library for the display of images processed using OpenCV (in a simple window with no transparency property), but none that allow you to output to a win32 window.

    Does anyone know how I might display such an image in a win32 window or how I might convert it to a format more amenable to the task?

    Creating the window and managing the transparency/translucency isn't a problem, it's merely drawing the image to the window I have a problem with. I've never used OpenCV before or the IplImage format so any code snippets or pointers would be much appreciated!

    Thanks a million in advance for your time and help!
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