Thread: Doesnt fseeko64 work with negative offsets?

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    Some strange casting problem

    Im trying to use fseeko64. It works perfectly when using positive offsets, but whenever i use a negative offset something strange happens and my program creates huge files (after+/- 15 secs and 2.5GB data i killed my program)

    Am i doing something wrong? Cant fseeko64 be used with negative values?

    Im on winxp with mingw compiler

    Sry for the title-edit

    this is really weird stuff. fseeko64 DOES work, the values i pass to it are wrong:
                off64_t os64;
                os64 = sizeof(int);
                os64 = -os64; // works
                os64 = -sizeof(int); // os64  gets a VERY big value
    Why does os64 = -sizeof(int) doesnt work?
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    sizeof returns an unsigned value that's smaller than an off64_t

    os64 = -(off64_t)sizeof(int);

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    Thx for the info.

    It was a really nasty bug to find. Im wondering, shouldn't the compiler give an error when going from unsigned int to long long.

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