Thread: Making a DLL which includes an .rc file

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    Exclamation Making a DLL which includes an .rc file

    First of all, I realize this has been asked before but they all concerned MFC so I'll just go ahead

    I'm creating a DLL for an application which includes an .rc file with dialogs, bitmaps, etc.
    My problem is that when I link statically to the DLL in another project the DLL isn't able to create the dialogs. It's like the resources aren't loaded into memory along with the DLL.
    If I both link AND include the .rc file in the new project everything works out just fine..

    How can I avoid having to manually include the .rc file (from the original project) and instead just use the DLL's interface functions in order to let it do it automatically?

    Thanks in advance!

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    HINSTANCE Dllvar = NULL;
    Dllvar= AfxLoadLibrary(_T("dllname.dll"));
    Use the above code in ur dialogue initialization function(InitInstance()..)
    Place the "dllname.dll" and its header file in ur application folder.
    Include .lib file in project -> setting -> link -> object/library Modules.

    Where "dllname.dll" is ur resource dll name.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    First of all I'm not using MFC but plain Win32 for this project.
    Second, I'm aiming to link the DLL statically, not dynamically at run-time.

    Do you have an alternative to your solution above which works for statically linked DLLs?

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